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My name is Dayana Gómez, Creative Director of Keza Creations by Dayana. From a very early age I felt that my path in life was to become a contributing member in the fabric of the legal field. I graduated from Suffolk County Community College with an Associate Degree in Paralegal and later from John Jay College with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. As we all know, many people end up on a path far from what they studied and I was no exception. Although my current job is in the vicinity of my field of study, my true passion is in event planning and design.

I found myself engaging in several life-altering events for my loved ones, such as weddings and baby showers. While immersing myself in this new field I learned that I had a great passion to become an entrepreneur, create things and ultimately to make my clients happy on their special day. My very first event that subconsciously planted that seed in my mind was my Quinceañera (Sweet 15). In the Latin culture this party is a coming of age celebration for young girls symbolizing their change from little girl to young woman. An array of traditions take place, the most common being the changing of shoes by her father (from slippers to heels), and other traditions which tend to vary by culture in small ways. Fast forward to several years later and I became a bridesmaid in the first of 7 weddings to my dear friends The Sabinos. This day really woke something in me that made me wonder if this was my true path to follow. Since then I have been part of other bridal parties, planned several baby showers along with other gatherings on a more intimate scale.

On July 2018 I decided to take Keza Creations by Dayana on the official journey as an actual business. Keza means beautiful in Kinyarwanda and it was a name given to me by a community of Rwanda Genocide survivors back in 2014. I am excited and eager to continue growing as an event planner, designer and decorator, in addition to continue creating more crafts for other initiatives. Please take a moment to explore my website and if you have any questions I can be reached at any moment.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

All the Best,


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